About us

Foundation for audiodescsription progress ‘Katarynka’

Foundation for audio description progress ‘Katarynka’ has came into existence in 2010 to popularize and habituate audiodescription in lower Silesia region and in whole Poland. Our aim is to go forward blind people and across our activity make for people with vision disfunction possible a reception of visual arts like theatre,cinema,painting. Besides we want to make easier moving in public areas up to and including creating audioguides. Up till now we adapted for blind people needs many movies,fairy tales,which were showed in cinemas in inter alia in Wałbrzych and Wrocław. We were organizing paintings and photographic exhibitions with audio description.

We are cooperating with organizations and istitutions from whole Poland. We are dealing with audio description on arenas,we adapted for blind people needs few football matches in Wrocław and on Legia Arena in Warsaw. People from our foundation are professional audio desciptors,whose skills were trained on special trainings organized by UNESCO UJ Departament. Aditionally we dispose of base of professional lectors and people which are dealing with sound editing sessions,for that reason we can making professional and comprehensive audio descriptions. We have correct backstage,inter alia sound studios,radio relays,which are facilititng audio description broadcasting in a great centers and programmes needed to editing a sound and images.

Members of our foundation are disposing of basis of content audio description knowledge,which they want to send to others interested in the future.We are organizing trainings,lectures and promotional actions to make an audio description a common phenomenon,therby to make possible a reception of visual arts,sport and culture events for blind people.Foundation is including for large projects,which are trying to improve quality of life for invalid people inter alia stimulating for professional activity for blind people from lower Silesia-project,which is cofinanced by European Social Fund. We also signing up to international activities,which are popularizing audio description. We hope our all endeavours will make a lot of good things in blind people world and will render service audio description progress in Poland.